Kirk has a very special connection to the UK. 2014 the British audience welcomed Kirk for his debut tour under his own name. He recieved so much love from the people. He recieved  so much  suppport from the audiences at his concerts. It seemed they  really  connected with  his way  of   playing  and singing . Kirk has come back  to open arms every year since then.

In March 2019 Kirk  played  sold out  shows at the Bristol Blues Festival and  London’s  The Borderline club. But this small holiday trip in April 2019  changed his life in another way.

Kirk wanted to visit his friend Joe Bonamassa at his  annual  gig at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London. With Kirk living so close in Switzerland, it was a must see for Kirk to come visit Joe  and see him perform at  the same venue   The Beatles played, where  Cream played  their fairwell  concert in ’68, where Eric Clapton played more then 200 show’s. Where  hero’s  like Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King and so many more performed.

Just to step foot in this historical building  was  a dream come true. “These walls are music history.”, Kirk says.

“After I met  up with Joe he invited me on stage to play a song with him. Which was a dream of a lifetime for me. The stage where so many of my  heros played on.” Joe was so kind to share his stage with me. To share in the passion of the Blues and music in general with the audience.

Kirk said: “I don’t know which is more amazing, actually playing on the same stage  Jimi Hendrix played  or the great kindness of my friend for allowing me the chance of a lifetime. I’d say both are pretty special to me.”

It is one of many times  Joe Bonamassa generosity set a milestone in  in Kirk’s musical life. “Thanks to Joe, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to play at two of the most iconic venues in the world.” In 2014 Kirk was invited to join Joe’s tribute to the Blues legends Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters at the magical Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver Colorado.  Kirk was also a part of Joe’s 2015 Three King’s tour.