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Joe Bonamassa invites Kirk on stage at The Royal Albert Hall

Kirk Fletcher and Joe Bonamassa at the Royal Albert Hall.

Kirk has a very special connection to the UK. 2014 the British audience welcomed Kirk for his debut tour under his own name. He recieved so much love from the people. He recieved  so much  suppport from the audiences at his concerts. It seemed they  really  connected with  his way  of   playing  and singing . Kirk …

TrueFire Guitar Lessons

Kirk Fletcher posing with a Gibson Guitar

Kirk Fletcher’s TrueHeart Blues: Rhythm Welcome to the Rhythm Edition of TrueHeart Blues. A great rhythm player creates the launching pad for singers and soloists and makes the difference between a mediocre performance and a truly memorable one. In this course, I’ll share many of my philosophies on rhythm playing, working in a band context, and …