Kirk does a podcast for the “No Guitar is Safe” with Jude Gold

Wielding his Fender Stratocaster, Kirk stops by No Guitar Is Safe headquarters and jams with host Jude Gold from GUITAR PLAYER Magazin. Kirk shares nine or ten of his favorite blues shuffle approaches, and demonstrates some of the wonderful gospel licks he learned as a youth playing in the Compton church built by his father, pastor …

Kirk Fletcher in Brasil

Kirk Fletcher in Brasil: Interview in Portuguese

On my Brasil Tour in August 2017 I meet the music magazine Piapara Cultural for an interview. Read here the whole interview in Portuguese:

Eminence Speaker welcomes Kirk Fletcher

Eminence Speaker LLC officially welcomes Kirk Fletcher to the family of endorsing artists. He is proud to be choosen as a memeber of the family. Kirk found his tone with the GA-SC64. Website >>

ROLAND Blues Tone Capsule developed under Kirk’s supervision

Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule. Developed by Roland engineers under the supervision of Blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher, the Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule changes the sound and response characteristics of the original Blues Cube amps to provide custom voicings approved by the artist himself. Read the whole article