KirkFletcher_MyTurnProduced by Michael Landau, Kirk releases his 3rd solo recording My Turn. Featuring the talents of Michael, Gary Novak, Travis Carlton, Bobby Tsukamoto, Iver Olav Erstad, Tom Fillman, Paulie Cerra, Luke Miller, Paul Litteral, Dave Melton, Karen Landau and legendary drummer James Gadson. This is also the first release that finds Kirk stepping up to the mic to sing the Jimmy Reed classic “Found Love” and an ultra funky version of Sly Stone’s “Let Me Have it All”. Over a year in the making, the follow up to Shades of Blue began at the urging of good friend and bassist on My Turn Travis Carlton, “ Travis was the motivation for getting this whole project started, he called Gary, I called Paulie, we went to Gary’s studio and started cutting basics the next day…We ended up with five tunes in three days!” Then off to Michael Landau’s studio to finish basics and mix. “I grew up listening to Michael’s solo bands and hearing him on so many recordings by other artists and thinking he has the greatest tone in the world. It was a dream come true to have him help me realize the sounds I heard in my head, and it has been such an honor to work with him on and off the stage.” Mastered by Joe Gastwirt, My Turn is available now!

“I am so proud of this record. Though it took a while, it was so much fun to get together with my best friends and just play! So here you go and God bless you all”.