kirk_fletcher_new_record_coming_soonJoined by Jonny Henderson and Matt Brown he has recorded his new album. While touring in the UK last September Kirk had the idea to make a record with the great organ player Jonny Henderson.

Kirk first met Jonny through his good friend Matt Scofield with who Jonny has toured extensively with for over 20 years.

Jonny and the dummer Matt Brown have played together for years. Kirk played with this duo a year or two ago at the Bristol Jazz Festival. Kirk said for him it was magic from the first note.

“Jonny is one of the best musicians I have played with and I absolutely feel the same about Matt.”, Kirk explains.

The simplicity of a trio is what makes it so special for Kirk. And that is the reason he chose to do his new record that way. The group mixes some of his many different sides. Kirk’s very traditional Blues background mixed with his new love of songwriting and his improvisation side all comeĀ  together.

He promises the album will rock too. The album is set for a spring release.