Kirk Fletcher FooterFormer Fabulous Thunderbirds guitarist Kirk Fletcher says he’s “truly heartbroken” over the demise of record shops – and he doesn’t believe online alternatives can fill the gap.

He fears the young musical talent won’t be exposed to the range of art he was able to discover for himself. Fletcher tells the Bolton News: “I feel a lot of things are accessible via the internet – but there are large holes in the younger generation’s knowledge of music.“Growing up, there was a great record store in every little city I could visit. I loved the pursuit of finding things by reading the back of a cover, sifting through old magazines, asking people older than me about how it was in the 50s and 60s – I could go on and on.”

He hits the UK next month for his first fully-fledged tour. “I’ve only done two or three UK gigs as a member of the Thunderbirds,” he says. “To come back and do it under my own name is a thrill. “People can expect to see a man that greatly appreciates the opportunity to play, and a person who’s dedicated his life to music.”  Fletcher promises “a lot of joy and soul, some good old energy – and blues!”


UK Tour Dates

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