Considered one of the best blues guitarists in the worldKirk Fletcher is very happy to release his 6th album “My Blues Pathway” via Cleopatra Records.

“surely a contender of the Blues Album of the Year.”
Fireworks Rock&Metal

“that’s the mark of a true master of the Blues.”
GuitarWorld Magazine

“Ain’t No Cure For The Downhearted” – OUT NOW

This song is about people who shift the blame of all the things in their life that they regret. People who judge their life by other people’s success or their so-called happiness. One must find happiness from within. A line in the song says, “Do you still dream or are you led by a screen”. We must think for ourselves and follow our passions if it doesn’t harm anyone or anything.

Official video >

New single is out now

The first single “No Place To Go,” co-written with Richard Cousins, is out now. It is available to stream >

“This song is about the struggles of success, sometimes at the expense of what life is really about,” says Kirk. “It about self-empowerment and what a person’s view of happiness means, whether, it is a house on a hill or a meal for the day to survive.”

TrueFire Guitar Lesson

Kirk Fletcher’s TrueHeart Blues: Soloing

Truefire released the new Soloing Edition of Kirk’s TrueHeart Blues. A great solo is an extension of the song – it’s memorable, it’s hummable, and it’s unique to the soloist and the way he or she tells a story.

Kirk reveals his secrets and will explain and demonstrate all of the key concepts and approaches along the way.

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