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TrueHeart Blues: Rhythm

Rhythm Edition of Kirk’s TrueHeart Blues

A great rhythm player creates the launching pad for singers and soloists and makes the difference between a mediocre performance and a truly memorable one.
In this course, I’ll share many of my philosophies on rhythm playing, working in a band context, and hip you to some of my favorite grooves and groove players.

We’ll work on left and right-hand techniques, using space in parts, single note lines that rhythmically tie chords together, muting ideas, and singling out certain notes in a chord.
Working with backing tracks, we’ll also play our way through 10 rhythm performances across a variety of feels, tempos, and keys.

We’ll cover Texas harmonica shuffles, shuffles in the style of Sonny Boy and Jimmy Rogers, some funky shuffles, some of my own songs, and much much more.

Ready to groove? Grab your guitar, and let’s get started.
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TrueHeart Blues: soloing

Soloing Edition of Kirk’s TrueHeart Blues

A great solo is an extension of the song — it’s memorable, it’s hummable, and it’s unique to the soloist and the way he or she tells a story. Players like B.B. King, Albert King, Otis Rush, Chris Cain, Larry Carlton, and Robben Ford all have an almost vocal-like expressiveness in their soloing and it makes them immediately recognizable.

I will explain and demonstrate all of the key concepts and approaches along the way. “We’ll work on key approaches like building motifs out of major and minor blues scales, outlining changes, incorporating gospel sounds, swing & chicago blues influences, vibrato, bending, dynamics, and a lot more. Working with live band backing tracks, we’ll play our way through 10 soloing studies across a variety of feels and keys and I’ll point out some of the key highlights from each. We’ll wrap up the course with a trio of solos I’ll play over some tunes from my own records. We’ll solo over “El Medio Stomp”, “Two Steps Forward” and “Times Tickin'”.”

Ready to groove? Grab your guitar, and let’s get started.
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