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Kirk fires off soulful, straight-from-the-heart solos that dazzle on big stages…Fletcher also blows people’s minds when he’s playing rhythm guitar.”
Guitar Player Magazine

Kirk is hands-down one of the best blues guitarists in the world.”
Joe Bonamassa

Fletcher’s playing is a synthesis of the best qualities of contemporary electric blues, but he isn’t confined by it. He displays a limitless flow of concepts in a slow-blues context.”
Vintage Guitar Magazine

Fletcher favors toothy Strat tones, stinging bends, and flurries of tight, staccato riffs that seem to pop from his fretboard like little firecrackers”
Guitar Player Magazine

Fletcher clearly has ensemble dynamics down, suggesting that his years as a sideman have been fruitful. But he’s also unabashed as a bandleader, and his guitar work earns its prominence.”
Blues Revue Magazine

Kirk Fletcher is a young man with a big reputation…he exudes class and style, knows all the classic licks but never resorts to mere copying, always with his own take in his trick bag.”
Blues & Rhythm Magazine

…it’s one hell of a ride, and proof that Fletcher is ready to make a big splash on his own.”
Living Blues Magazine

…Fletcher sounds like he is coming into his own on his terms.”
All Music Guide

There is no doubt about it – Fletcher is a “monster guitarist” – a huge talent capable of scaling the heights of blues stardom”
Blues In Britain Magazine




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